Business Branding

Over the years a person’s involvement in their business has been assessed by the question, “Are you working IN your business or ON your business?”  In today’s world of personal and social media the real question is “Are you putting YOU in your business?”  THAT is the critical ingredient to establishing a connection that builds relationships, loyalty and success.

Business has changed to a Social and Personal marketplace and as informational technology opens up more doors it will continue to evolve in this direction.  If you are not getting into the game of Social and Personal Marketing … you will be left behind and out of the game in the very near future.

Developing a solid brand message is more than crafting a catchy tag line and a slogan.  You need to build a clear, easily understood definition of who you are and what you are all about if you want to make a connection.  The responsibility is to design a brand correctly and effectively.  When a brand is designed poorly you lose time, energy and money. We help businesses develop an authentic, strong and consistent Personal Brand Strategy that enables them to excel in today’s Social and Personal marketing world.

We use a 3 step process to create your targeted Personal Brand Plan:




How we help you BUILD … the construction of your brand

3-P Brand Reflection Stance – Once we establish where you are positioned currently we will determine your desired Brand Stance using the 3-P Brand Reflection Stance rubric.  This exclusive assessment tool will target the level of activity, influence and involvement that you will personally play in your Personal Brand execution.

Brand and Values Assessments – We have a variety of assessments that we utilize to determine the overall perception of your brand.  We survey multiple relationship points of your brand and merge the input with your personal perspectives to develop the story line for your Personal Brand Summary.

Personal Brand Summary — We utilize the 3-P Principle to tie together the Positive, Powerful and Purposeful points uncovered in the assessments.  We consolidate statements and ideas into a solid Personal Brand summary.

Personal Brand Message — From this Brand Summary we develop a Personal Branding Message.  This is a phrase that sums up what the brand stands for without explanation.  It must be short, accurate, easily understood and aimed to trigger.

10-3-1-90-30 Plan – Once the Personal Brand we determine targets for brand benchmark goals in 10 years, 3 years, 1 year, 90 days and 30 days.

How we help you LOVE … the passionate display of your brand

Historical Outlet Analysis – We perform a 3-P Channel Assessment on past efforts and experiences to quantify results considering successes, strengths and weaknesses.

Role Description — We take factors from the 3-P Brand Reflection Stance rubric and the Brand Channel Analysis to determine your Personal Role in the passionate display of your brand through media channels.

Channel Analysis –  We work with you to determine the most effective outlets for distributing your personal brand message.  We examine 29 possible media outlets with our Personal Brand Channel Checklist.

Channel Plan–  We work with you to develop a clear and consistent message strategy for each channel.

How we help you LIVE … the leadership behind your brand

3-P Assessment Wheel – We explore 12 aspects of your life in the life area’s of Positive, Powerful and Purposeful.  The assessment wheel will determine target development areas for planning, goal setting and improvement.

3-P Coaching –– The degree in which we explore this area will depend upon your Business Stance and Role Description.  Services in this area can range from a quick overview to an in depth coaching relationship targeted in this area to make sure that you are displayingthe attitude, commitment and direction of your brand.

Contact us to discuss a 30 minute preview call where we can answer any questions you have regarding the program or getting started.  Samantha Bruno, our Partnership Development Manager can be reached @941.650.0407