Personal Branding

You are not your resume.  You are not what other people think of you.  You ARE your own Personal Brand and until you figure out what that is … you’re not even coming close to realizing the potential you have to influence and inspire.

According to a study done by the Ford Foundation, 90% of the people in this world have not taken the time to figure out and determine who they are and what they want out of life.  Your Personal Brand outlines exactly that.  It is a vivid display of your values, your personality, your expertise and the qualities that make you unique.  Most people skip or avoid this process because it requires searching, learning and understanding.

At we partner with you to make the discovery of your Personal Brand an energizing and insightful journey.  Our 3 Step process (Build Your Brand, Love Your Brand, Live Your Brand) will enable you to gain a clear understanding of your innate attitude, true strength and life direction.   The benefits are tremendous:

·         Your Personal Brand will ignite passion in your life by working, leading and inspiring with your natural talents and gifts

·         Your Personal Brand will clearly define what you are all about so that like-minded groups and individuals are drawn to you.

·         Your Personal Brand will create more than just a job or career, it will create an authentic lifestyle that feels less like work and more like living.

·         Your Personal Brand will position you as a true leader with your family, friends and co-workers.

We utilize the 3-P Principle to ensure that your Personal Brand is constructed with the the right ingredients. The 3-P Principle is built from the relationship that exists between the life components of Positive, Powerful and Purposeful.  These are the three most important components that lead to life and business success.  Each component is rooted in deep values, energy and emotions.  When your Personal Brand message is developed using all 3 of these components it fuels your life and business with passion and sustainable success.

Personal Branding is ideal for you …

·         If you are a person trying to gain perspective and direction in their life and career

·         If you are a person looking for a way to clarify your values and benefits in a way that others can relate to and understand

·         If you are anyone running a professional practice:

o   Entrepreneurs

o   Health Care Providers (physician, dentist, therapist)

o   Attorneys

o   Financial Advisers

o   Real estate Agents

o   Insurance and Mortgage Brokers

o   Personal Trainer

o   Consultant

o   Interior Designers

o   Caterers

o   Any business where you can be positioned as the star of the show

Each program is specifically catered around your needs.  The structure and set up of the program will depend upon what you desire to accomplish.

For more information or to set up a 30 Minute Consultation call to discuss the possibilities call Samantha Bruno, Partnership Development Manager @941.650.0407