Keynote Speaking

Kelly has developed unique, effective systems that help organizations and individuals redefine excellence.  He delivers dynamic keynote speeches and interactive workshop programs that provide tools for energy, change and improvement.   Listed below are a few of Kelly’s feature Keynote speaking topics.

Keynote Topics


The 3-P Principle is built from the relationship that exists between the life components of Positive, Powerful and Purposeful. This Presentation explores 4 development areas in each of these 3 component areas.  Through storied examples and system suggestions this  Keynote address leaves attendees with energized attitude,  strengthened commitment and focused direction.  The content puts the attendees in charge of their attitude, dedication and goals in a way that makes an impact and will inspire action and improvement planning.

“You don’t have all the answers”, “You will not always have the best idea” and “The only way to get something done is not to just do it yourself.”  This presentation explores how the best ideas are born from collaboration and teamwork.   Kelly uses relatable real life examples to illustrate how one simple shift in thinking can bring passion, energy and success into your career.  The Keynote address will help individuals in bettering relationships with their co-workers, the people they manage and their clients.  It illustrates how to bring out the best in others and yourself through the development of alliances in a cooperative work environment.


Success begins when you connect. Whether you are displaying your corporate philosophy in the workplace or on the front line interacting with a service experience, you are spinning your wheels unless you start with CONNECT. This presentation explains how the first step is to establish an authentic connection within yourself.  Kelly explains how to use this connection to energize your life, performance and productivity by working with your strengths, gifts and natural abilities.  Kelly provides the insight and explanation on how these discoveries will lead to deeper relationships, shared-thinking and an appreciation of your abilities.  He drives home the fact that when you connect, you establish your brand and build your reputation. This will allow your own personality and influence to connect, resonate and inspire.