3-P Principle Coaching

This unique coaching process targets the core skills needed to compete and win in today’s world.  The trademarked process’ unique approach examines 4 areas in each of the three major life components of Positive, Powerful and Purposeful.  It further explores your understanding and development of the skills in each area.  Then we work with you in identifying your growth opportunities and chart a path for improvement and mastery in the target area(s.)

Please select a coaching package below. Programs and session plans are developed to meet your needs specifically.  Although package commitments are spelled out by duration and quantity, the content is unique to each client.  Your program and structure will be customized in order to produce targeted results in your specific area(s) of development and need.

You will have the opportunity to select the day and time that is best for your sessions. Each session will be 50 minutes, by phone. Includes unlimited email support.

Coaching is a journey of self discovery, determination, growth and results. The best results are achieved when coaching is continued for a minimum of 3 months.

Mastery Package (best value)

$350 per month, 3 sessions each month for 3 months

Elite Package

$250 per month, 2 sessions each month for 3 months

Multi Sessions Package

$550 for a package of 4 sessions

3-P Assessment Package

$200 that includes an email of the 3-P Assessment Wheel, 15 Minute Phone to review completion process of the Wheel, One 1 hour session to discuss the results and a follow up email.